Buy Ghuun Boost - claim your gear and the achievement!

Currently we are able to deliver Ghuun kill on Heroic difficulty only. However in the near future you'll be able to defeat Mythic Ghuun with us cross-realm!

⚔️Rewards - 370+ item level items - Personal loot would be enabled and you are okay to use one of your bonus rolls
Completion Time - 20 minutes or less
Additional Options
Self play - you are going to participate in a dungeon run by your self // Account share - Manastorm driver is going to control your character (we use Premium VPN!)
Difficulty - as we said earlier we are unable to complete Mythic difficulty for you yet, but you are okay to preorder that with us. Remember - all of the Mythic raids are done while SELF PLAY only - it's a must for your safety.
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