Vanilla Distinctive Features


It's been a long time since Vanilla was launched. Some of the features were removed, the other got changed. Even though, early Vanilla which is patch 1.1 is a different game comparing to the late 1.12 patch.

Today we are going to cover Vanilla Features that are different from the current version of World of Warcraft.


At first you are to encounter those at level 10, and even more throughout your leveling. Vanilla class quests were complicated. Today, we can compare those to class hall quests. Though, Vanilla class quests made your class feel special, because they were available only to you. Most of those quests were tailored with love, and were not just gather-kill kind of questing. For instance, as a shaman you had to deal with elementals and totems, as a hunter you have to tame some pets and bring them to your trainer, before he lets you to keep one.


As a level one orc you could use only axes as a weapon. However, the further the game goes, you are available to learn even more weapon specializations. Want to know how to hold a sword - you're welcome to Undercity weapon trainer. Well done, now you have to level your weapon skill from 1 to 300 in order to master sword specialization.



Nowdays we claim new spells right after we ding a level. Those are empowered automatically while leveling as well. But in Vanilla, every even level you have new abilities unlocked. To learn those you have to travel back to town and visit your class trainer. Keep in mind, that every spell in Vanilla had it's ranks. So, you gotta learn those too. New spells cost a lot of gold to learn, so it wasn't unusual if you see level 60 player with no high-end talents.


We got used to the following: if you take a quest in zone A, you finish that quest in zone A as well (most of the time). It was totally different in Vanilla. Sometimes, you pick up the quest at Kalimdor, and turn it in at Eastern Kingdom. Quest chains were complicated as well. Most of the time while travelling from one zone to another you end up spending time at Wowhead trying to understand what to do with this whole quest chain. Let's see an example: you are in 1k Needles - it's a pity - you have to go to Badlands to talk to NPC - then head back to 1k Needles - then go to Desolace - then do Maraudon 3h dungeon run - then go to Orgrimmar and it's complete, easy!



Today you can choose a specialization and your talent tree comes along. In Vanilla you had more space to improvise. However, there are guides that can tell you what talent tree is the best for each situation, but you can always fix it to your personal needs. Each level you gain one point you can spend on your talent tree. Let's take a rogue as an example: Assassination, Subtlety and Combat trees. Assassin rogues had 5+ Crit chance increase right in the first tier of talents, however leveling in Combat was way easier and pleasant. So, you could've spend your first 5 points on Assassination and then go straight to Combat tree. To sum it up, talent trees were way more customizable back then.


Crafting professions were way to hard to level up during the leveling, so most of the players did that at level 60. There were 3 gathering professions: herbalism, skinning and mining. Only skinning level could be synchronized with your character level, or even skinning would go further than your current level. Going next location required you to have a certain gathering skill, so you can skin animals, or mine some ores. Otherwise, you simply wouldn't be able to do that. So, because of that you had to stay a little more in a lower level location in order to get your gathering skill higher, so you can continue leveling of both your character and profession.