BfA Power Leveling

It is time to jump over the leveling part and go straight to the fun part of the game!

Thanks to our leveling services the boring leveling part of the game can be skipped now. Want to play your account while we do the leveling? It's totally fine, since we can create a schedule when we can log in your account, so we won't bother you at all!


  • We do the fast leveling
  • The chance to Livestream the entire leveling process (you get to see how we level up your character)
  • VPN protected, secure state of your account
  • Additional after leveling services
Our services would suit you if you are a busy person who doesn't want to waste his or her time on leveling. Leave the boring part to us and enjoy the game!

Additional Options

  • Complete Full Story Line in 3 Zones – If you choose this option, we will complete the full storyline in the leveling areas of your character's faction 
  • Complete War Campaign – We would complete all the required criteria for that achievement 
  • Complete 8 Different Mythic Dungeons – If you choose this option, we will run your char through 10 different Mythic Dungeons so that you can receive even more great loot
  • Complete Uldir Heroic (Personal Loot) – We will kill all of the 8 bosses of Heroic Uldir for you with the loot set on ‘personal’, so that you have the chance to get as many random items as possible. Also you are able to choose whether you want to play yourself or share your account
  • Leveling Speed – Depending on whether or not you want your character to hit level cap as quickly as possible, we offer three options when it comes to the leveling speed: 15 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours


  • Your account details (we won't ask for your Secret Question)
Select your current level
Select leveling speed
After leveling extras
Livestream the leveling process?
Final total €29.00