Buy Karazhan Loot Run

a nostalgic dungeon returned by Blizzard to life in Legion expansion. Players are now able to defeat reworked new bosses and loot awesome items (885+ item level)!

There are 9 bosses total in Karazhan (including Nightbane - the hidden boss). The more bosses to kill - the more Artifact Power to get, as well as a Legendary item proc.

By the default we would kill only 8 bosses for you. If you need Nightbane (extra boss) - select the required option. And in the end, you can also get Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount that Nightbane drops.

You are okay to play yourself, or if you don't have time you can share your account to us.

Make sure you buy Mythic 15 Boost to get your 960+ ilvl gear!
Include Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount?
Final total €13.00