Weekly Mythic+

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and get rewarded with awesome loot after the reset. The reward quality strongly depends on the highest Mythic+ Dungeon that you've beaten last week. We recommend completing the highest Weekly Mythic+ Dungeon possible for the best rewards!

10 keystone level - 935+ item level item in class hall stash - 915+ item level in dungeon;
15 keystone level960+ item level item in class hall stash - 940+ item level in dungeon.

Buy Mythic+ 15 Carry

in time and you will also unlock special Artifact Apperance for your character (Balance of Power achievement must be completed to use this one). You can select that extra option if you need that. Otherwise, we don't guarantee if it'll be complete in time (does not affect your weekly chest). And in the end, it's a good way to find a Legendary item in that weekly stash.

Players are good to participate in runs by themselves, or share account to our pilot.

Don't forget to buy Mythic Dungeons Boost in order to roll for a Legendary Item and get Tons of Artifact Power!
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