How account sharing process works?

Account sharing is totally optional, however some of the services require our clients to share their accounts to our drivers.

Account sharing is 100% safe with us. To share your account we'll need some of your personal details. Those are: your email and your password (we would NEVER ask for your secret question/answer).

Once we've got the account details - our driver would log in and you'll receive a notification from Blizzard that someone tries to access your account. There'll be a code and you'll need to pass that code to us. If you have authenticator attached that's totally fine, and you would need to simply approve our log in or tell us SMS code.

I've purchased a service. What happens next?

Once you've complete a purchase Manastorm client manager would contact you within 5-15 minutes (in our working hours) to arrange the service progression. If our managers are offline at the moment of purchase - you'll get contacted once they are back online and they would prioritize your order in queue.

Let's see an example of how it actually works: you've purchased Antorus Heroic Loot Run. You will get contacted by our manager and he would ask you some questions like: what's your faction and region? After we've got all the required information we'll be able to arrange your run in the best suitable way for you.

How loot distribution works in raids?

There are 2 types of loot distributions in raids: Personal Loot and Master Loot.

If you pick Personal Loot - all of the items that you get during the raid are randomized. We never guarantee any certain amount of items that you would get by the end of the dungeon. If our raiders do not need some of the items those might be traded to you. But this never happens since our raiders are 99% of time are saved and are not getting any items.

During Master Loot - you would get all of the items that you've picked. By the default you would get your armor type items that are suitable for your class - mail, cloth, leather, or plate. If you don't pick extra options such as Trinkets, Relics, Offset or Tier - you won't get those items, since we always fill our raids the way we don't have any spare items. Everybody gets what they've bought.