Legion Class Mounts

There’s Now An Easy And Quick Way To Get Your Legion Class Mount!

Legion introduced us to the amazing class mounts that have a unique design for each class and even varying colors, depending on the spec. And even better, there’s now an affordable Legion Class Mount Boost that you can get your hands on!


Additional Options

  • 5 Followers With Item Level 900 Gear – We can get the required 5 followers with gear item lvl. 900 for you.
  • Class Hall Campaign – We’ll complete the time-consuming Class Hall Campaign for your particular class.
  • Breaching the Tomb Achievement – Don’t worry if you don’t have the Breaching the Tomb achievement, as by ticking this option we’ll get it for you.
  • Legion Pathfinder Boost – You can opt for our optional Pathfinder boost if you don’t have the Broken Isles Pathfinder Part One achievement, that’s needed in order to get your class mount.


  • Your account details (we won't ask for your Secret Question)
  • A level 110 character
Keep in mind that the estimated completion time for our Legion Class Boost services varies greatly, depending on how many of the requirements you’re missing. However, for your convenience, we’ll create a schedule in order to not interrupt you by logging in when you’re playing. The new awesome races are already here. If you’d like to have them unlocked, we can complete the Allied Races Leveling for you!
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