Argus Campaign

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  • You'll get the You Are Now Prepared achievement
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Just don't forget that the Argus campaign consists of 3 chapters that have a natural progression and you can't skip them - so be careful when you select the chapter that your character is missing in the 'Additional Options' section!

Additional Options

  • The Assault Begins - The first chapter in this questline and if you haven't finished it yet, we'll complete all 37 quests of this chapter for you.
  • Dark Awakenings - This is the second chapter of the Argus campaign and it consists of 28 quests. If you're missing this one, we'll boost it for you.
  • War of Light and Shadow - The last chapter of the entire campaign, it has a total of 24 quests that need to be completed.


  • Your account details (we won't ask for your Secret Question)
  • A level 110 character
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