Artifact Leveling

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 which is essential for every player. As the Artifact Level grows so does your DPS, HPS or TPS.

Artifact Leveling Boost

is mainly done by completing World Quests, Daily RBG, Daily BG, Daily Heroic Dungeon, Mythic+ 0 Dungeons, LFR.

We've prepared this service for you the way you can select what you currently need:
  • World Quests - our pilot will focus on World Quests that reward Artifact Power only (excluding Dungeon World Quests);
  • Daily RBG - no rating will be given to you, but a lot of Artifact Power;
  • Daily BG - rewards fairly less Artifact Power than RBG, but still worth doing;
  • Daily Heroic Dungeon - rewards decent amount of Artifact Power. You might also get a chance for a Legendary item;
  • Mythic+ 0 Dungeons - 13 Dungeons would be complete for you - a great way to farm Artifact Power and get a Legendary;
  • LFR - we will beat all the LFR wings.
Keep in mind, that some of the mentioned services might require more than 1 hour to complete. So, we'd create a schedule for the driver, so he'd log in your account when you are not playing it.

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Select the ways of Artifact Leveling
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