Artifact Leveling

Get Your Artifact Level Boosted By The Pros!

When you buy Artifact Leveling, your gameplay will drastically improve due to your character having more DPS, HPS and TPS!


  • This is a great way for you to improve your gameplay
  • You'll get a higher Artifact level for your character's weapon
  • We'll create a schedule so that our Artifact level boost service doesn't interfere with your game time
Just keep in mind that some of the additional options that we offer might take more than one hour to complete.

Additional Options

  • World Quests - We're going to complete 25 world quests for you, focusing on the ones that provide the most Artifact Power.
  • Daily RBG - While you won't get any rating, you'll sure get tons of Artifact Power.
  • Daily BG - This one won't help you gain the same amount of Artifact Power as RBGs, but it's still a worthy addition.
  • Daily Heroic Dungeon - We'll run your character through a dungeon on Heroic mode and apart from receiving good amounts of Artifact Power, there's also a Legendary item drop chance.
  • Mythic+ 0 Dungeons - We'll clear all 13 Mythic+ 0 dungeons for you, as your character will be amassing Artifact Power and you might even get a Legendary item if you're lucky.
  • LFR - If you choose this option, we'll complete all LFR dungeons for you.


  • Your account details (we won't ask for your Secret Question)
  • A level 110 character
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