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Get Your Affordable And Reliable Character Leveling Now!

Thanks to our easy to use character leveling services, you can now get your character to the desired level in no time.


  • Quick turnaround time (as soon as 12 hours)
  • The chance to Livestream the entire leveling process (you get to see how we level up your character)
  • A secure, reliable and authentic power leveling service
  • Optional extras available
If you’re fed up with leveling alts all the time or if you simply don't have enough time on your hands to level their characters, then you’ll simply love our WoW character leveling services.

Additional Options

  • Complete Argus Campaign 3/3 – We will run your character through all 3 parts of the Argus campaign, and you’ll receive all the associated benefits and rewards, like the Insignia of the Grand Army .
  • Complete Class Hall Campaign – Your character gets boosted through its class-specific Class Hall Campaign that will give your char a class-specific title, among many other rewards.
  • Complete 8 Different Mythic Dungeons – If you choose this option, we will run your char through 8 distinctive Mythic Dungeons so that you can receive even more great loot
  • Complete Antorus Heroic (Personal Loot) – We will kill all of the 11 bosses of Heroic Antorus, The Burning Throne for you with the loot set on ‘personal’, so that you have the chance to get as many random items as possible, including Aman’Thul’s Vision.
  • Leveling Speed – Depending on whether or not you want your character to hit level cap as quickly as possible, we offer three options when it comes to the leveling speed: 12 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours.


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By opting for our great power leveling services, you'll have the awesome opportunity to get your character's level to level cap in a fast and safe manner. Just don't forget that if you buy a lower-level Power Leveling Boost, the power leveling services might take more time to complete. Don't forget about Our Mage Tower Boost to get your hands on an amazing Challenging Artifact Appearance! Did you purchase the Battle for Azeroth expansion yet? If you did, make sure to Buy Our Authentic Allied Races Power Leveling and we'll do the hard work by leveling up your new Allied Races toons!
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