Legendary Item

This Is Your Best Chance To Get Your Hands On Some Amazing Legendaries!

Legendary items in WoW have really picked lifted off during Legion and now you can buy Legendary items, without having to spend hours and hours on end farming them!


  • You'll get a Legendary item appropriate for your spec
  • Your character will be getting huge amounts of Waking Essence (x1000 of that essence can be exchanged for a random Legendary item)
  • Convenient Legendary item boost service that won't interrupt with your gaming hours
  • Lots of additional extras available
Note that we will only complete a particular additional service (e.g. weekly Mythic+ 10 and Mythic+ 15 dungeons), unless you tick it. The more additional extras you choose, the higher the chance for a Legendary drop will be. However, we DO NOT guarantee that a Legendary item will drop during the completion of the additional services that you've selected - they only increase your chances of landing a Legendary item!

Additional Options


  • Your account details (we won't ask for your Secret Question)
  • A level 110 character
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What raids do we complete in Normal & Heroic raids?
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