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system that was implemented in Legion expansion. Some of the players love it, and some hate it.

Anyways, Legendary Items are required to perform better both in PvE and PvP.

We can do different things to get you closer to getting a Legendary Item:
  • LFR - complete all the wings;
  • Normal & Heroic Raids - beat Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor, Nighthold, Tomb of Sargeras with Personal Loot on both Normal & Heroic difficulty;
  • Mythic+ 0 Dungeons - complete 13 Mythic Dungeons (if you have access to Argus);
  • Mythic+ 10 or Mythic+ 15 - for weekly chest in your class hall;
  • World Quests - we will target World Quests with rare NPCs to increase chances on getting a Legendary Item.
You are getting now in patch 7.3.5 Wakening Essence for completing several criteria. 1000 of that essence can be exchanged for a random Legendary Item. We won't exchange that and you will be able to turn in the quest if you've got enough Wakening Essence!

Important (read before buying): for Legendary Item service we only complete the services that you pick (and want us to do). The more services you pick the higher are chances for Legendary Item to drop. However, we do NOT guarantee that a Legendary would drop at all while we complete services that you've picked. We only beat the criteria that you've picked, which would increase your chances on getting a Legendary Item.

We ask our clients to share account for this service. However, we will spend decent amount of time on your account. In this case we will create a schedule with our driver, so we never interrupt your gameplay.

Keep in mind that WoW Leveling Service can be done by us as well!

What raids do we complete in LFR?
What raids do we complete in Normal & Heroic raids?
Let's complete Mythic+ 0 dungeons!
Complete Weekly Mythic+ 10 & Mythic+ 15?
Let's do some World Quests!
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