Mage Tower

Get Your Exclusive Artifact Appearance With Our Mage Tower Challenge Boost!

With the help of our Mage Tower Challenge boost, you’ll be able to customize your artifact appearance and some of them even change certain shapeshift forms of Druids (for Feral and Guardian)!


  • Our Mage Tower Challenge Boost is available to all specs – Damage Dealers, Healers and Tanks
  • A fast, efficient and safe way to spice things up in your WoW gameplay (provided that you meet the requirements for this boost)

Additional Options

  • Empowering Traits Questlines – In order to eligible for the Mage Tower Challenge , you’ll have to complete theBroken Shore Artifact Questline. But even if you haven’t done that, we can complete these quests for you.
  • Unlock All Color Variations For Each Artifact – This one could be more time-consuming and that’s why we can unlock the artifact color palette for you, through: - Killing Kil’jaeden - Achieving 10 rated battleground wins - Completing 10 different Mythic dungeons


  • Your account details (we won't ask for your Secret Question)
  • A level 110 character with 900+ item leveling
  • 52 Artifact Traits
  • At least x1000 Nethershards
  • Top enchants and consumables
If you meet all the criteria, then we’ll be able to get you through the Mage Tower Challenge in less than 1 hour! Interested in affordable and efficient power leveling services? Then make sure to buy WoW Power Leveling Service or even our awesome Allied Races Leveling Boost !
What is Your current Gear?
Do you need Empowering Trait Questlines completion?
Unlock artifact color pallete
Final total €11.00