The Lightbringer

Buy The Lightbringer Title

a reward for a series of various achievements:

  • You Are Now Prepared! - Argus Campaign 3/3 complete;
  • Officer of the Light - Army of the Light Exalted;
  • Shoot First, Loot Later - discover some hidden treasures on Argus;
  • Invasion Obliteration - defeat 6 powerful Invasion Point bosses;
  • Seat of the Pantheon - kill Aggramar and Argus in Antorus the Burning Throne dungeon;
  • Locked and Loaded - unlock 4 different Vindicar abilities;
  • Protector of the Argussian Reach - Argussian Reach Exalted;
  • Envision Invasion Eradication - slay several Invasion Point commanders;
  • Heroic: Seat of the Triumvirate - complete the dungeon.
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Make sure to buy Artifact Challenge before Battle for Azeroth expansion.

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