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Buy Exclusive Power Leveling Carry Services

Let’s face it, ever since WoW was initially released in 2004, the leveling process has always been rather time-consuming. And even if the game tends to be more casual-friendly these days, we know just how much time it can cost you to reach the new level cap (even for the Allied Races). But now there’s a way out of the tedious leveling grind – via our premium character leveling boost, including Allied Races unlock and carry!

What Power Leveling Boost Services Will You Find On ManaStorm?

  • Professional Character Leveling Carry – From 1-120 leveling to class-specific power leveling boost like the 55-120 DK carry, you’re bound to find a leveling service that suits your needs
  • Exclusive Allied Races Leveling Boost (for all Allied Races) – Get your Allied Races character’s level boosted the easy way
  • Premium Allied Races Unlock Carry (for all Allied Races) – Get the desired Allied Race unlocked for you

There’s No Need To Spend Countless Of Hours On Leveling Your Character!

We know that leveling up can get rather tiresome pretty quickly and trying to unlock your favorite Allied Race can be just as exhausting. But you can finally forget about having to do all of this yourself since you can now benefit from our top-notch Power Leveling carry services.

Contact us now and let us help you to reach the level cap or unlock one of the Allied Races, without breaking a sweat!