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Buy Battle of Dazaralor Premium Carry Services

Introduced in patch 8.1, Battle of Dazaralor is the second raid in BfA. There are a total of 9 bosses in BoD, with the last 3 being faction-specific, that you can get a taste of via our professional Battle of Dazarlor loot run. And apart from the thrilling storyline and stunning design, there are lots of powerful items, rare achievements and even pets in Battle of Dazaralor that you can acquire, such as the Enchanted Talon of Pa’ku and Thundering Scale of Akunda pets or the pretty cool G.M.O.D. epic mount.

Thankfully though, you can make your character that much stronger by opting for one of our exclusive BoD boost services! And that’s great news if you can’t really commit the time to do a Battle of Dazaralor loot run (we all know how time-consuming it is). Grab your premium BoD carry by ManaStorm now to make your character a force to be reckoned with!

What BoD Boost Services Will You Find On ManaStorm?

  • Battle of Dazaralor Boost (Normal, Heroic or Mythic) – Get lots of item level 415+ gear and all 9/9 bosses killed for you
  • Battle of Dazaralor Full Gear Loot Run (Normal, Heroic or Mythic) – Get huge amounts of high-level gear – up to item level 400+ loot or even up to 430 Titanforged
  • King Rastakhan Kill Carry (Normal, Heroic or Mythic) – Get the last boss in the Alliance BoD encounter killed for you as you acquire some nice item level 385+ items along the way
  • Jaina Proudmoore Kill Boost (Normal, Heroic or Mythic) – Get the last boss in the Horde BoD encounter killed for you as you acquire some decent item level 415+ items along the way

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