Get Your Character Boosted Through Antorus In A Quick And Efficient Manner!

If you buy Antorus boost, we’ll kill all 11 bosses in Antorus, The Burning Throne , whether it’s on Heroic or Mythic difficulty – the choice is yours.


  • The entire Antorus dungeon gets cleared for you (including all 11 bosses)
  • You get to pick the difficulty – Heroic (item lvl. 945+) or Mythic (item lvl. 960+)
  • Our Antorus raid carry offers both Personal and Master loot, for even greater rewards
Whether you opt for our Antorus Mythic boost or the Heroic variant, you’ll be saving lots of valuable time, both if go for self-play or if you decide to hand over your account to one of our top players who will do all the hard work for you. You’ll also get the amazing Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker achievement.

Additional Options

  • Personal Loot – You’ll receive a number of random items, although for personal loot we can’t guarantee the exact number of items you’ll get at the end of the run. Although you’ll still get lots of Artifact Power and maybe even a Legendary item and a Legendary trinket, part of the random loot in Antorus, The Unmaker .
  • Master Loot – For our Antorus master loot boost, we guarantee that you’ll receive at least 7 items in different slots. And if you want even greater loot, you have several additional options such as:  - Trinkets (like the legendary lvl. 1000 Aman’Thul’s Vision trinket) - Relics - Necklaces, back pieces, rings (including the legendary Insignia of the Grand Army ) - Tier pieces - Tier pieces with Tier 4 guaranteed.
  • Account Sharing or Self-Play – You can play yourself through the entire dungeon or alternatively, you can hand over your character to one of our expert players who will do all the hard work for you.
However, if you don’t select any of the extra options associated with Master Loot, you won’t be getting these items with top priority.


  • Your account details, if you select Account Sharing (we won't ask for your Secret Question)
  • A level 110 character
Want even more gear? Then consider to buy Antorus Full Gear Boost . And you can also buy the awesome Shackled Ur'zul mount, to make your character even more badass!
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Select loot distribution method
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Select additional options
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