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We will do all the hard work for you (although self-play is also available) by killing the last boss in the Antorus, The Burning Throne Argus the Unmaker both on Heroic or Mythic difficulties. Consider buying our full Antorus boost if you want even more great loot!


  • You’ll kill Argus the Unmaker with our help
  • You select the mode – Heroic (item lvl. 945+) or Mythic (item lvl. 960+)
  • The entire Argus boost is done using Personal loot
Not only will you have the chance to get your hands on legendary items like Aman’Thul’s Vision and the Insignia of the Grand Army (only after you complete the Argus campaign though). Above all though, you’ll safe heaps of time by relying on our fast and secure Argus boosting services! Additional Options
  • Epic Mount – If you fancy owning the Shackled Ur’Zul mount, we can get it for your character. All you have to do is choose the Mythic difficulty and select your character’s faction (Horde or Alliance).
  • Account Sharing or Self-Play – You can play yourself during the actual encounter or alternatively, you can hand over your character to one of our expert players who will do all the hard work for you.


  • Your account details, if you select Account Sharing (we won't ask for your Secret Question)
  • A level 110 character
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Select the difficulty
Select your play style
Select your play style
Final total €11.00