Full Gear

Buy Full Gear Boost

and your character would get multiple runs and receive 17 items in total:

  • 3 Relics;
  • 2 Trinkets;
  • At least 4 Tier Pieces;
  • 2 Rings, 1 Neck, 1 Back;
  • And all of your Armor Type slots.

Buy Antorus Full Gear

option which is also a good looking choice since you will be taken in raids on a weekly basis. This means you will get a lot of Artifact Power, and a nice Legendary chance proc, since you will be killing stronger bosses!

If Full Gear is just not enough for you, here we introduce you Best-in-slot (shorter Bis) option. You are good to make a list of items (or just show us one) that you'd love to get. In this case you will get ONLY those items that you've picked. Keep in mind, that Full Gear boost while Bis option might require more runs than usual Full Gear boost.

Antorus Mythic Full Gear is complete while Self Play only!

WoW Full Gear Boost

can be complete in the following ways:
  • Manateam driver will be playing your character;
  • You will be playing your own character (we recommend picking that option).
Please note that, you will be asked to select class and spec for Full Gear boost. Once it's done you will NOT be able to change your class and spec.

Keep in mind that if you are interested in a single run - consider Antorus Raid Boost instead.
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I want to receive BiS items only
I want to receive BiS items only
Final total €219.00