Shackled Ur’zul

Get Your Very Own Shackled Ur’Zul At Affordable Prices Now!

If you’ve always wanted to get your hands on the amazing Shackled Ur’Zul mount from Legion, now you have the chance to do that, without waiting in an endless queue for it. This epic mount has a 100% drop rate from Argus the Unmaker , and we’ll help you acquire it!


After you’ve bought your Shackled Ur’Zul from us, you’ll be able to show off your awesome new mount in Dalaran, where you’ll make everyone’s jaw drop!

Additional Options


  • A level 110 character
  • You must be able to self-play for this mount since Account Sharing is not available for this service
Get your awesome Argus Mythic Mount Boost now, before its drop rate drops all the way down to 1% in the upcoming WoW expansion Battle for Azeroth! Also, don’t forget to check our Fiendish Hellfire Core Mount Boost - the Gul’dan Mythic Mount.
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Final total €349.00