Weekly Mythic+

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Thanks to our awesome Mythic+ boosting services, you now have the chance to obtain powerful, end-game gear and loads of other awesome rewards.


  • You’ll be receiving huge amounts of phat lootz, like item lvl. 960 gear
  • Amazing rewards on the Mythic+ 15 variant
  • The Keystone Conqueror achievement is guaranteed
Note that the quality of the loot that you’ll get, greatly depends on the toughest Mythic+ Dungeon that you’ve conquered last week – that’s why we recommend to complete the hardest Mythic+ Dungeon, so that you can benefit from better loot.

Additional Options

  • Keystone level 10 – By choosing Mythic+ 10, you’ll be getting the Keystone Conqueror achievement. The item level in the Dungeon would be 915+, while the one in your Class Hall Stash would be 935+.
  • Keystone level 15 – We’re also offering a Mythic+ 15 variant, If you prefer even better loot. The item level in the Dungeon would be 940+, while the one in your Class Hall Stash would be 960+. On top of that, you’ll also unlock a special Artifact Appearance for your character (assuming that you’ve completed the Balance of Power quest that is).
  • Complete Mythic+ 15 Within The Time Limit – Since we can’t guarantee that your runs will be completed in time (doesn’t affect your weekly chest), unless tick this option and then we’ll make sure to that you’ll get the Keystone Master achievement.


  • Your account details, if you select Account Sharing (we won't ask for your Secret Question)
  • A level 110 character
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