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Emerald Nightmare Mythic


The Emerald Nightmare is Legion’s first raid, opened on September 20th. There are seven boss encounters, which we have strategy guides covering all difficulties: Nythendra, Elerethe Renferal, Ursoc, Il’gynoth, Dragons of Nightmare, Cenarius, Xavius.

The boss loot table is the same between all difficulties. LFR 835, Normal 850, Heroic 865, Mythic 880. All loot has a chance to proc a higher ilvl, up to a max of ilvl 895. If an item appears up to 10 ilvls above the base, it will be marked as Warforged in the tooltip. If an item procs +15 or higher, it wll be marked as Titanforged.

Nowdays The Emerald Nightmare is used to farm Artifact Power and complete runs for a Legendary proc chance.

We run The Emerald Nightmare on  Mythic difficulty:

  • The Emerald Nightmare Mythic Loot Run is complete with Personal Loot, which means that you will get random amount of items;

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Lord Xavius was a powerful user of magic, and the high councilor to Queen Azshara during the time of the War of the Ancients. Since Azshara concealed her magical prowess, Xavius was considered the most powerful Highborne to whom the rest measured their skills.He was later transformed into the first satyr by Sargeras, before ultimately being transformed into the dreaded Nightmare Lord.

He makes his first appearance in World of Warcraft as an antagonist in World of Warcraft: Legion, where he once again helps the Burning Legion—while remaining first and foremost a loyal servant of the Old Gods. Xavius serves as the main antagonist of the Val’sharah storyline, corrupting the Shaladrassil and battling his old nemesis, Malfurion, and his allies. He also serves as the final boss of the Emerald Nightmare raid, where Nightmare Lord ultimately meets his end.


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