Mythic+ Dungeon 15

Mythic+ 15 (Artifact Appearance Reward)

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We will complete Mythic +15 Dungeon for You which will reward You with 1 Chest. Once Weekly ID resets (Tuesday for US & Wednesday for EU) You will receive 960+ item at Your Class Hall Chest. You will receive an Achievement (Keystone Master) for completing Mythic+ 15 in time & Artifact Appearance in Your Class Hall.

🎁 WHAT’S IN THOSE CHESTS? Once we complete Mythic+ 15 – You will receive a certain amount of Chests. Those Chests may contain:

  • 940 items (possibility for Warforged or even Titanforged Gear)
  • Artifact Power (1200 AP per 3 Chests * Your Artifact Knowledge %)
  • Possibility for a Legendary!

📌 NOTE: Please, keep in mind, that completing Mythic +15 WITHIN TIMER is OPTIONAL. This means, You need to check the correct box, so You will activate the Mythic 15+ Run within Timer and You will receive an Achievement (Keystone Master) & Artifact Appearance for completing Mythic+ 15 in time

 REQUIREMENTS: We REQUIRE our Clients to be Level 110 and have 850+ Item Level. If You don’t have that kind of gear, please, select the extra option:I don’t meet Gear Requirements“.

After You place an order, Manastorm Client Success Manager will contact You within 10-20minutes in our Working Hours @Email / @Skype / @WhatsApp / @Viber / @Telegram, depending on Your preferences.

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