Trial of Valor Loot Run

Trial of Valor Mythic


Trial of Valor is Legion’s second raid, opened on November 8th in the US. This is a mini-raid with three bosses, who drop loot 5 ilvls higher than EN.

The boss loot table is the same between all difficulties. LFR 840, Normal 855, Heroic 870, Mythic 885. All loot has a chance to proc a higher ilvl, up to a max of ilvl 900. If an item appears up to 10 ilvls above the base, it will be marked as Warforged in the tooltip. If an item procs +15 or higher, it wll be marked as Titanforged.

Nowdays Trial of Valor is used to farm Artifact Power and complete runs for a Legendary proc chance.

We run Trial of Valor on  Mythic difficulty:

  • Trial of Valor Mythic Loot Run is complete with Personal Loot, which means that you will get random amount of items;

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Helya is a fallen val’kyr queen and the ruler of Helheim, the underworld of the cursed and fallen vrykul who do not ascend to the Halls of Valor.

In ages past, the titanic watcher Keeper Odyn betrayed the sorceress Helya, killing her and twisted her spirit into the first of the spectral val’kyr. He forged the Warswords of the Valarjar for the mightiest of his storm-forged Valarjar, but Helya stole the swords and infused them with a portion of her rage. She then gave them to her own champion, who used them to hunt the greatest of heroes and drag their souls away to serve in Helheim. The kvaldir drag the souls of the unworthy and dishonorable to Helheim for Helya, as well as raiding the coasts and taking the souls of those they kill, thus robbing Odyn of potential champions. Helya created the Helarjar as a mockery of Odyn’s Valarjar.


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