BfA Vicious Saddle

Vicious Saddle boost in Battle for Azeroth!

Be the first among the players who would own brand new PvP mounts!


  • You'll acquire Vicious Saddle that you can exchange for PvP mounts
  • You'll also get the Ferocious Combatant achievement
  • Your character will get Marks of Honor that you can use for other PvP mounts or PvP transmog gear.
  • You'll get your hands on heaps of Azerite Power.
Note that you will have to play yourself during this boost - we will discuss the schedule so that you can join our 3v3 PvP team at a time and date convenient for you. Also, remember that we never do wintrading, so you can be rest assured that your account won't be suspended because of our boosting services.

Additional Options

  • N/A


  • Your Character nickname and server
  • A level 120 character
Final total €140.00